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Title I Frequently Asked Questions  


What is Title I and what services does it provide?

Title I is a federally funded program that provides schools with extra resources in order to provide small group instruction in the areas of reading and math to students who indicate a weakness in those areas. Currently Blair Oaks offers additional services in the area of reading; however, we are discussing the possibility of adding math in the future.


What criterion was used to determine eligibility and

what does that mean for my child?

We are required to use multiple criterion to determine who is eligible to receive services. The assessments are school wide (K-8) and will be done at a minimum of three times per year. Additional monitoring will be done every two weeks with students who have not met the grade level target. Each grade level is a little bit different due to the age of the student. 

K – AIMS assessment, teacher checklist

1 - AIMS assessment, teacher checklist, previous title services

2 - AIMS assessment, teacher checklist, previous title services, STAR assessment

3 - AIMS assessment, teacher checklist, previous title services, STAR assessment

4 - AIMS assessment, teacher checklist, previous title services, STAR assessment, MAP

     [AIMS assessment is similar to DIBELS.]

The state requires us to determine a list of students who are eligible. Just because a student is eligible doesn’t necessarily mean that the child will receive services. If your child was eligible based on the results, then you received a letter. You will also receive a letter when your child has been selected for additional services through the Title I Program. 


What was the test administered and when was the testing completed? 

AIMS Assessment - The AIMS assessment is a screening tool similar to DIBELS to indicate specific areas where students are below target. It was given in August by a testing team which included:  Title I teachers, Special Education teachers, and Tracy Burns – Testing and Curriculum Director. A testing team was utilized to ensure validity and reliability of assessment results as well as to allow teachers to continue without losing valuable instructional time. This assessment is individualized, given one-on-one. The classroom teachers will be monitoring student progress by using this assessment every two weeks. 

Teacher checklist – Teachers rate students according to reading skills applicable to their grade level and work habits.  

STAR Assessment – The STAR assessment is given to all grades 2-4. This is a reading assessment which provides a scaled score as well as a reading zone. A report with those results was sent home a couple of weeks ago.


Will my child receive services all year?

Services will be provided depending on student need. It could be after a few weeks (especially in the lower elementary grades) that sufficient progress has been made and the child will be released from services. Some students may be successful with the extra support; however when the support is lessoned they may start to slip back. Services will be provided until sufficient progress has been made or until the parent requests that the child no longer receive services. 


Do I have to agree to allow my child to receive Title I services? 

Parents have the right to accept or refuse services for their child. 


What will happen if I refuse services and change my mind later?

Each child will be participating in small group instruction according to their need with their classroom teacher or Title I personnel if they are eligible. There are limited number of spots available to receive Title I services, so only those students who are of the highest need will receive services. If you decide later that you would like for your child to participate, they will go on a waiting list.