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Contact Information

Lindsey Reichart
Title I Reading Specialist 

Blair Oaks Elementary
6124 Falcon Lane
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Phone: (573) 634-2808


Lindsey Reichart

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Blair Oaks R-II School District receives Title I funding for reading programs in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Supplemental reading instruction that is offered through Title I is in addition to regular classroom reading. Lindsey Reichart, Title I Reading Specialist, and Franny Schell, Reading Teacher, work closely with your child's classroom teacher to design appropriate instruction. A variety of teaching strategies and materials is offered depending upon each child's strengths and weaknesses. The Title I program provides extra time for reading through both push-in (assistance given in the classroom) and pull-out (students are taken out of the classroom to work in a separate area) methods.

The Title I program encourages parents to be involved in their children's education. Research has proven that parental participation in schooling improves student learning. Most Title I reading students have books sent home to read with a family member. Throughout the school year, Title I offers instruction for parents and provides information on how you can help your child with homework and to improve reading skills. Creative ideas make learning a family fun activity.